Yuwaya Ngarra-li – ‘Vision’.CLD Centre Align

"The Dharriwaa Elders will lead a collaboration with UNSW and other supporters to grow our individual and community strengths and assets. We aim to restore a robust belonging to thriving families, community and country, while making our place in the nation and sharing our learning with other communities". Dharriwaa Elders Group, Walgett.

The purpose of Yuwaya Ngarra-li is for the Dharriwaa Elders Group (DEG) and UNSW to work in partnership to improve the wellbeing, social, built and physical environment and life pathways of Aboriginal people in Walgett through collaborating on evidence-based programs, research projects and capacity building, and to evaluate this model of CommUNIty-Led Development as a way of working with other Aboriginal communities.

Yuwaya Ngarra-li is an initiative that will promote two-way learning between Walgett's Dharriwaa Elders Group and a range of UNSW faculties, with long term academic leadership by Professor Eileen Baldry and keenly supported by Vice-Chancellor Ian Jacobs

Warning: Images of deceased persons may appear. Yuwaalaraay / Gamilaraay pronunciation guide.

Wendy Spencer & Farshid Pahlevani in July 2018
Yuwaya Ngarrali's Walgett project manager visited with the UNSW Science's Sm@rt Centre's Farshid Pahlevani

YN's Peta MacGillivray and Ruth MacGillivray with Eva Lloyd and Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard.
The Yuwaya Ngarrali team was very pleased to meet with Eva Lloyd and Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard from the UNSW Faculty of the Built Environment

May Miller-Dawkins and Kirsten Ridley.
Introducing May Miller-Dawkins and Kirsten Ridley. May is a researcher, advocate and coalition-builder

Walgett Youth Justice Forum
Resetting Relationships and Building Futures
Read here about the Walgett Youth Justice Forum held 14, 15 March 2018.

Action Plan for Children and Young People launch
Today (6 June 2018) we launched the Action Plan for Children and Young People. Read here about the Walgett Youth Justice Forum held 14, 15 March 2018 which informed the Action Plan.

Aidan Alexander and his partner Romy lunching with DEG July 2016

UNSW honours student Aidan Alexander was invited to Walgett to work with DEG to scope energy needs of Walgett's Aboriginal community from early 2016.

DEG's Clem Dodd meeting UNSW SM@RT Centre team

While visiting Sydney to receive a NSW Justice Award in October 2017 DEG visited UNSW Science SM@RT Centre to meet with Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla and members of her team,

Tom Dobbie, Veena Sahajwalla, Ruth McCausland at UNSW Sm@RT Centre January 2018
DEG's Project Manager and UNSW Dr Ruth McCausland, working for the DEG / UNSW Yuwaya Ngarra-li partnership

DEG's Clem Dodd and Secretary Virginia Robinson with UNSW, Souths Cares, Rabbitohs and BCA National partners in Walgett 26/11/16

Dharriwaa Elders Group invited its champion, Professor Eileen Baldry and her dedicated team at the University of NSW, to join with it in pursuing community-led, holistic approaches for Walgett's community development.