workshop visit to sacred mound springs September 2014

The Dhuningarraay-gal dhiyaan dhiirali (old people teach family) project resumed in September 2014, this time led by Project Officer Jodi-ann Hunt.

Dharriwaa Elders Group completed Part 1 of its first Dhuningarraaygal Dhiyaan Dhiirali (Old People Teaching Family) 12-session project on 5 August 2013 with a graduation ceremony for the year 9 and 10 student participants witnessed by Elders, parents and community. The project allowed DEG to provide knowledge about family relationships and other key cultural identity matters including the families’ relationships to places of high Aboriginal cultural value near Walgett. A range of Aboriginal women spoke of their lives and careers. DEG aims to support families to achieve better education outcomes for their girls.