Dick Lake, Neil Weatherall and Clem Dodd at the meeting explaining how they trialled the tool during the height of drought around Walgett's rivers.

Members of the Dharriwaa Elders Group drove to Wagga to attend a two-day meeting 10,11 June 2015 with the Murray Darling Basin Authority, NBAN, MLDRIN and two other Aboriginal nations of this important Australian river system.

Bill Kennedy welcomes NSW Governor David Hurley and Mrs Linda Hurley, to Walgett and explains the purpose of DEG's walking tracks project.

The Governor of NSW, David Hurley and Mrs Linda Hurley, were shown the new Walgett walking tracks by Bill Kennedy, Chairperson of the Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service today - 13 June 2015. Maps for the tracks and signs are available from this website.