Stewart Taylor with DEG's Virginia Robinson, Dan Tobias with DEG's Kim Sullivan mapping their lifetimes on country.

During the week beginning 11 April 2016, DEG hosted and promoted the Northern Basin Aboriginal Nations in Walgett to undertake a Cultural Use and Occupancy Mapping project.

Participating community members identified on detailed maps places where they have camped overnight and killed to feed their family, a range of animals and birds, and collected native vegetation for various purposes, gathered for cultural events. Terry Tobias, a Canadian working with First Nations peoples in North America, has been resourced by various groups, most recently NBAN, to undertake this work at the request of Australian Aboriginal nations. He and his team have been resourced to hone their interview and documentation methods so that their results cannot be disputed. Evidence gathered will be printed into individual maps for each participant, which will show their life on country in a powerful way. DEG will store the Walgett community GIS data, for its advocacy work. NBAN will use the Northern Basin-wide data for their advocacy purposes. So far this project provides one of the few respected forms of evidence that Aboriginal communities of the Murray Darling Basin need cultural and environmental water flows.