DEG's think tank in an economic development workshop with Joffre Balce

Joffre Balce led a workshop to brainstorm economic development initiatives for Walgett 21 July 2015. 

Dharriwaa Elders Group invited Joffre Balce to help workshop participants think in different ways about relieving poverty in Walgett, now that costs and unemployment are rising, and there is talk of the current Coalition government introducing a welfare card. Joffre Balce is the Assistant Secretary of the Association for Good Government, a 114 year old economics education foundation dedicated to enabling ordinary people to understand political economy and promoting the importance of integrating economic rights with political and human rights. Questions considered included - How can we live richer? Can we reduce the cost of living in Walgett? What other sources of wealth can we tap? Stay tuned to news from the Dharriwaa Elders Group think tank as we THINK BIG in the face of increased hardships.