Elders and school teachers in Walgett Namoi River yarning circle, and native vegetation walk with Gladys Walford, 23 April 2015

DEG was pleased to be engaged by the Walgett Community College for the first time to welcome teachers to Walgett in April 2015.

DEG hosted 60 teachers and staff to a half-day introduction to the Aboriginal culture and history of Walgett's community, 23 April 2015. A yarning circle was led by facilitator, DEG's Project Manager Wendy Spencer, and drew upon the extensive knowledge of Walgett Elders Gladys Walford, Lewis Beale, Virginia Robinson, Bill Kennedy, Clem Dodd and Beau Thorne. Walgett Winangay is an offering from the Walgett Aboriginal community to those working in Walgett schools. Hopefully insights are gained into how culture, family dynamics, history and past relationships with government and schools have shaped and continue to impact the Walgett community. Personal stories are offered in the spirit of goodwill, continuing the necessary task of educating those who seek to assist the Walgett Aboriginal community to strive for improved wellbeing. The Dharriwaa Elders Group ("DEG") said in its booklet given to participants "The DEG trusts that its offering today will create fruitful relationships that will benefit all our futures. We want our children to do well at school and succeed in life. We ask that you maintain high expectations and help our community in these goals. In return you might find that your time in Walgett, deep in the heart of Aboriginal NSW, gives you greater understandings and deeper experiences of your land, its people and history, than you could have imagined." Dharriwaa Elders Group hopes that it will receive further opportunities to build on relationships established during Walgett Winangay, and present further sessions to teachers that discuss contemporary Walgett and its issues and introduce teachers to Walgett's Aboriginal organisations and services that will work alongside teachers if invited.