some of the workshop participants at Narran Lakes 9 October 2014

The Dhuningarraay-gal dhiyaan dhiirali (old people teach family) project is the most recent DEG community development project to receive short-term support by Dept of PM&C.

This series of workshops for Elders and community members share and strengthen local Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge, family and community relationships and responsibilities. A workshop was held at Dharriwaa - now called Narran Lakes. When the Narran Lakes were created, Baayaamii (the creator) decreed that they belonged to no one tribe but every living thing - the furry tribe, the scaley tribe and the feathery tribe and humans had a special role of custodianship. Dharriwaa Elders Group works to fulfil this role and part of that work is to infect community members with their sense of belonging to this place, and responsibility for it.