Virginia Robinson, Kim Sullivan, Fay Green OAM and Elizabeth Peters with David Tribe at Dungalear May 2016

David Tribe, a school teacher in Walgett in the late 1950s, early 1960s, visited Walgett in May 2016.

While he was here he met with some of his students, who are now members of Dharriwaa Elders Group.

They were very happy to take him back to Dungalear, a highly significant pastoral station where many Aboriginal people lived and worked up until the 1960s. David had been taken there by his great friend Granny Ivy Green, who had shown him the tree where she was born, and other signficant places. Granny's granddaughter, DEG's Secretary Virginia Robinson, and Granny's daughter-in-law Fay Green OAM, were accompanied by DEG's Kim Sullivan and Elizabeth Peters who also had ancestors living and now buried there, to make the trip with David to the station.

While in Walgett David took the opportunity to present DEG with copies of recordings and other materials, for DEG's cultural collection. He also met with teachers one evening for dinner, to pass on any helpful advice about teaching and learning styles. Elders have often acknowledged that in his day David was a skilled teacher, assisting his Aboriginal students to succeed at school and enjoy their school days.