Alison Williams considering items for inclusion in the ACHAA exhibition to be held in Deniliquin in October 2016.

Curator Alison Williams visited DEG the week of the 11 April, to survey and discuss DEG's contribution to the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and Arts Association ("ACHAA") exhibition

which will be dipplayed as a feautre of Deniliquin's Wamba Wamba Perrepa Perrepa Festival in October 2016. Dharriwaa Elders Group is a founding member of this new association. At their business planning meeting some months previously, the ACHAA members decided that a travelling exhibition be held to introduce the organisation to all member communities - and other stakeholders. Funding from NSW Arts was greatefully received - just enough to hold the exhibition in one location.

ACHAA was founded to promote and advocate for NSW Aboriginal cultural heritage and artists organisations after the growing and important grassroots sector was brought together at the Keeping Places Summit of 2013 by NSW Museums and Galleries' Steve Miller. ACHAA was the implementation of recommendations from that Summit.