Dharriwaa Elders Group welcomes visitors to its exhibitions display area.

Current exhibitions offered are "Memories of Living Outside Walgett" and "Wugan Gaay". Memories of Living Outside Walgett is about three of Walgett's Aboriginal settlements before Aboriginal people were housed in town. It offers oral histories about living in these communities, and uniquely defines in mud maps snapshots in time showing which families lived in each camp, thereby providing valuable information for current Walgett Aboriginal families. Wugan Gaay is a display of wooden items donated to the organisation by the late craftsman Roy Barker, and photos of historic wooden items from Walgett held by the Australian Museum. Importantly this exhibition provides access for the Walgett community to local designs and items held by a distant collecting institution that most will never visit. Together with the full set of real-life wooden tools and weapons displayed, this exhibition provides the community today with a template for continuing this craft.

A Keeping Place, the exhibition centre also houses special items that have been gifted to the DEG or placed under permit with the organisation for safe-keeping.

The exhibition centre is open from 9am to 1pm, unless there is a funeral or other business which prevents the DEG staff from opening. You may be lucky and meet one of the Elders who contributed to the exhibitions while you are there. Please bear with us when you visit as we are a small organisation usually occupied with our day to day activities providing a meeting place for Walgett Elders and managing education and cultural management activities. Also - we may be a bit shy - but please know you are very welcome to visit!

We will be happy to make special arrangements for visiting school and bus groups.

Virginia Robinson is Dharriwaa Elders Group's Secretary and Gladys Walford is a founding director. They both encourage visitors to come to the Elders Centre in the video below.