Ngarraadhaan - (Bats) - and Dhigaraa - (Birds) of Prey interpretive sign

This interpretive sign was developed in work sessions with Dharriwaa Elders Group members Clem Dodd, Gladys Walford, Jason Murray and Virginia Robinson. Dharriwaa Elders Group is very grateful for the use of the excellent "Frogs, Reptiles and Mammals of the North Western Floodplain of NSW", by Phil Spark of North West Ecological Services, and published by the Namoi Catchment Management Authority, Border Rivers-Gwydir Catchment Management Authority, 2013, for information and photos of Ngarraadhaan - (Bats). Phil is the main independent ecologist working in the Walgett area and his photos and information included in this sign represent much work.

Ian Montgomery of supplied the beautiful photos of Dhigaraa - (Birds) of Prey, and The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia – Graham Pizzey, Frank Knight, Harper Collins Publishers, 1997 – 2007 was an important reference. Other photos are by photographers from the Creative Commons.

This sign is presented to aid identification and understanding of Walgett's rich biodiversity and the creatures who live alongside us.