Dharriwaa Elders Group members incorporate in March 2005, and at 2013 AGM
Dharriwaa Elders Group (DEG) was born 20 November 2000 after Elders had worked together on projects since 1998. The Group took its name from one of its sacred sites - Narran Lakes - Dharriwaa (common meeting place) and its full members are Aboriginal people over 60 who live in Walgett. The DEG was auspiced by the Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service until 1 July 2005, when it became autonomous. The charitable organisation is an incorporated Association under the NSW Act and has deductible gift recipient status from the Australian Tax Office.
Projects of the Group aim to support Aboriginal Elders to resume leadership roles in the community, keeping active and healthy; promote local Aboriginal cultural knowledge and identity; and develop the Walgett Aboriginal community.

Dharriwaa Elders Group is a proud and active member of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and Arts Association.

Current Financial Supporters

The Elders' social support and associated transport activities of the DEG are supported by the Commonwealth of Australia through the Department of Health Commonwealth Home Support Programme. Legal services are gratefully received from Gilbert + Tobin and NSW Environmental Defenders Office. The Dharriwaa Elders Group gratefully acknowledges the support of ProUAV, Indigenous Community Volunteers and donors.

DEG and the University of NSW seek financial support together from philanthropic and government sectors, for a range of projects undertaken by the partnership of Yuwaya Ngarra-li

The Dharriwaa Elders Group relies heavily on volunteers and goodwill.