Warning: Images of deceased persons may appear. Yuwaalaraay / Gamilaraay pronunciation guide.

Dharriwaa Elders Group is RECRUITING. Apply now! If you don't want to miss out you have to apply ASAP. Food and Water for Life Project Officer,
This statement is made so that voters can be aware of Dharriwaa Elders Group's policy for water management when they vote Saturday 21 May 2022.
This statement is about the harm caused by NSW Police during the Covid-19 pandemic in Walgett between July 2020 and October 2021.
STATEMENT 21 March 2022 "NSW Education continues to fail to provide what’s needed for Walgett students to succeed at school.
This week Dharriwaa Elders Group made a call to action re the Walgett high school that it had been working on most of February 2021.
The NSW Government cannot say they have not been advised of solutions to the crisis brought upon the rivers in the Walgett area.
Tuesday 28 July 2020, Walgett Shire Council was considering the letter DEG had sent to it in October 2019, asking it to exclude all coal seam gas activities from the LGA.
A rare gumbulgaban - (Ardeotis australis Australian Bustard) was spotted at Dharriwaa (Narran Lakes) in October. This may be the same individual we saw 2 weeks ago
DEG holds an ex-officio position on the management committee of the Lightning Ridge Area Opal Mining Reserve. We are working to ensure that the Aboriginal cultural
Dharriwaa Elders Group recognised the dangers of Covid19 early 2020, and by March were producing community education

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  • Caring for Elders, Community and Culture: Briefing Paper

    Dharriwaa Elders Group congratulates MinisterAnika Wells' decision to rethink funding of aged care services like DEG. Our June '22 Yuwaya Ngarrali Briefing Paper "Caring for Elders, Community and Culture" explains why we needed her to pause impending changes to CHSP funding. Yuwaya Ngarra-li - the partnership of DEG & UNSW offers this substantial work by Dr Bob Davidson to inform the rethink of aged care by the Commonwealth so that agedcare services deserved by Aboriginal communities like Walgett are supported. Caring for Elders, Community and Culture: A study of the potential impact of changes to the funding of home care on the aged care services provided by Dharriwaa Elders Group(DEG), by Dr Bob Davidson for the Yuwaya Ngarra-li partnership of Dharriwaa Elders Group with University of NSW, June 2022. The summary of the Briefing Paper is here.
  • Caring for Elders, Community and Culture

    Our June '22 Yuwaya Ngarrali Briefing Paper "Caring for Elders, Community and Culture"
  • UN Food Summit 2021 - Walgett Case Study

    "A community in action: How Walgett is redefining food systems" is a case study we prepared with our Yuwaya Ngarrali partners at UNSW and the Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service for the UN Food Summit in October 2021. It was submitted alongside the wider report produced with another community in Fiji - citation: Rosewarne E1, Hunnisett C1, Bennett-Brook K, Coombes J, Corby C, Leslie G, McCausland R, McKenzie B, Spencer W, Feeny E2, Webster J2. Whose paradigm counts? An Australia-Pacific perspective on unheard voices in food and water systems. Sydney, Australia: The George Institute for Global Health; 2021.