Warning: Images of deceased persons may appear. Yuwaalaraay / Gamilaraay pronunciation guide.

Walgett's Drinking Water Health Threat. Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) in Walgett are calling on the NSW Government
Dharriwaa Elders Group is RECRUITING. Apply now! If you don't want to miss out you have to apply ASAP. Food and Water for Life Project Officer,
This statement is made so that voters can be aware of Dharriwaa Elders Group's policy for water management when they vote Saturday 21 May 2022.
This statement is about the harm caused by NSW Police during the Covid-19 pandemic in Walgett between July 2020 and October 2021.
This week Dharriwaa Elders Group made a call to action re the Walgett high school that it had been working on most of February 2021.
The NSW Government cannot say they have not been advised of solutions to the crisis brought upon the rivers in the Walgett area.
Tuesday 28 July 2020, Walgett Shire Council was considering the letter DEG had sent to it in October 2019, asking it to exclude all coal seam gas activities from the LGA.
A rare gumbulgaban - (Ardeotis australis Australian Bustard) was spotted at Dharriwaa (Narran Lakes) in October. This may be the same individual we saw 2 weeks ago
DEG holds an ex-officio position on the management committee of the Lightning Ridge Area Opal Mining Reserve. We are working to ensure that the Aboriginal cultural
Dharriwaa Elders Group recognised the dangers of Covid19 early 2020, and by March were producing community education

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  • WAMS Community Garden

    UNSW Engineering staff and students from the ChallENG program collaborated with DEG and WAMS to develop irrigation solutions and shade for the WAMS community garden. The garden’s water efficient microfarm was launched in December 2020 and is providing ongoing access to healthy food for clients of WAMS’ chronic disease program.
  • Regulatory Framework

    We are investigating the relevant laws, policies and guidelines for food and water security in Walgett including looking at the relevant legislation and government agencies responsible. We are also talking to key stakeholders to understand what we can learn from past Walgett food and water crises and how we can be better respond in the future. Once we have a better knowledge of the systems that cause Walgett's food and water insecurity, we will embark on programs of advocacy equipped with the evidence, knowledge and decisionmaking we need to influence and make change.
  • Healthy Supermarket program

    With WAMS staff and Walgett IGA we are producing a variety of healthy supermarket initiatives. The Meal of the Month and WAMS Choice promotes healthier choice items on the supermarket shelves. Meal of the Month promotes a healthy affordable meal and provides taste tests in Walgett IGA. Raffles give away the ingredients of the Meal of the Month, and contestants are asked to cook up the Meal of the Month and display if on Facebook for more prizes.
  • Walgett Garden Network

    This part of the program is supporting Walgett gardeners to share resources and co-ordinate planting and harvesting of local foods. Compost and native grains are other initaitives being seeded in this initiative. We provide gardeners with the opportunity to meet and yarn productively, give them tips, gardening gloves, seeds & other gifts and encourage the strengthening of their networks.